Chai seeds

I had the privilege of trying Chia seeds for the first time a few days ago in a smoothie at a coffee shop. The texture of the chia seeds resembles that of gel with a crunchy effect when chewed. For me, it’s not off-putting or unpleasant at all, and my husband surprised me with a […]

The lubrication around your joints and exercise

In one of my personal training session with an elderly client, we had the discussion of why it’s important to exercise and why pain reduces in the joints when you do exercise. Our discussion lead to synovial fluid in our joints, something I was taught in my studies. Synovial fluid is located in the synovial […]

Cancellation of your workouts

A client mentioned to me last week that she almost canceled her session with me but that she decided against it, because when you cancel one session because you are tired or not feeling like it, then it becomes a second cancellation and then a third. Then before you notice, you stop exercising at all. […]

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps you motivated?

Staying motivated when it comes to exercise, can be a tremendous effort. Not everyone sees exercise as a pleasure nor does everybody see exercise as something that they want to do. Many people exercise because they know they should and then it is something they drag their feet, as they go to the gym or […]


Something many of us like. We like the taste of it and we like it over pancakes, in our tea or over our favorite morning cereal. Honey has a lot of health benefits. When we look at raw honey, we know that this honey comes straight from the honey hive and is unprocessed. Nothing has […]

Glutes exercise which are for lower limb amputees as well

In this video I am illustrating an exercise which will strengthen the glute muscles on either a chair or stability ball. It’s also a good exercise for lower limb amputees. I am showing two variations of the exercise.

Training those shoulders, abs and upper back

In today’s video, I am illustrating an exercise that strengthens the shoulders, abs and upper back. This exercise is for all people on every fitness level and age.

Five servings

In today’s podcast, I will tell you how Covid-19 is related to Zinc, Vitamin D, fruits and vegetables.

Workout tips by a Personal Trainer

With 6 years of experience under the belt and recent online webinars done to sharpen my knowledge, I want to share some tips to those who can’t afford a personal trainer or exercise at home. Increasing strength with no equipment If you are someone who exercise at home with no equipment, you are probably using […]

World Physical Activity Day

World Physical Activity DayWorld Physical Activity Day

This day have been celebrated since 2002 (1), and this year will be the 19th time that World Physical Day is celebrated. This year’s theme is: Every step counts! (2) With this theme, we are encouraged to do a physical activity, for at least 30 minutes every day. This can be any physical activity. The […]