Cancellation of your workouts

A client mentioned to me last week that she almost canceled her session with me but that she decided against it, because when you cancel one session because you are tired or not feeling like it, then it becomes a second cancellation and then a third. Then before you notice, you stop exercising at all. […]

Weightloss over the age of 40

Weightloss over the age of 40

You can listen to this article and others, on my podcast channels: Google Podcasts, or Spotify or Breaker or RadioPublic or iTunes Losing weight when you are 40 years and older, becomes a real struggle. There’s a lot of factors coming into play when you are trying to lose weight in these years. Medical things […]

Avo & Hummus Toast for breakfast

Good morning dear reader! Today I had something different for breakfast. I had my homemade hummus with mashed avocado on top. It’s full of fiber with the brown bread and my own hummus contains lentils which are also packed with good fiber. The avocado is great for magnesium and good fats for your heart health. […]

Clean eating ten o’clock snack

A snack idea for tea/coffee time. Take a break with this snack. It contains your well needed protein, fats, vitamins and fiber. This snack is 234 calories and the boiled egg will keep you fuller for longer. The wholewheat snackbread will keep you regular and the apple is also full fiber and much needed vitamins.