Cancellation of your workouts

A client mentioned to me last week that she almost canceled her session with me but that she decided against it, because when you cancel one session because you are tired or not feeling like it, then it becomes a second cancellation and then a third. Then before you notice, you stop exercising at all. […]

Why you should think about the lymphatic system

The first time that I heard about the lymphatic system, was from a client who was in tune with her body. She would regularly see a massage therapist and the therapy that was applied by the therapist, helped drain the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system. It consists of lymph, […]

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps you motivated?

Staying motivated when it comes to exercise, can be a tremendous effort. Not everyone sees exercise as a pleasure nor does everybody see exercise as something that they want to do. Many people exercise because they know they should and then it is something they drag their feet, as they go to the gym or […]

The reason why you should not Google ab workout

I once heard someone told another person:  “You can say what you feel because that means you are self-confident.” I love this. This person is right. When you are confident in yourself and who you are, you can say how you feel without worrying what others might think of you, especially when it comes to […]

Depression & anxiety = adapt your workouts

This is a topic which isn’t written about much. Depression and anxiety are real and we read that exercise can lower stress levels and people can benefit from the “happy hormone” that is released in their brains after they have exercised. All this is true, just not for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. […]

Training those shoulders, abs and upper back

In today’s video, I am illustrating an exercise that strengthens the shoulders, abs and upper back. This exercise is for all people on every fitness level and age.

What fitness with sore joints look like

What fitness with sore joints look like

Joint pain is a discomfort (pain) that you experience in your joints, which are where two bones connect with each other for example: wrists, knees, hips, shoulders, fingers, ankles and toes. Do you notice how many joints you have in your body? Now try to think what is should be like for someone who lives […]

I struggle to get started

A friend of my husband and I, shared with me this morning on how he struggles to “get going” at home with his exercise routine, since he can’t visit the gym no more. He’s now working from home, like many are due to the Covid-19 epidemic, which have lead him to only exercising at home. […]

Why the kettlebell swing hurt my back

Why the kettlebell swing hurt my back

Mobility Oh no! Here she goes again! Unfortunately, it’s true in this. When your mobility sucks, then you are going to feel it in your back. It’s going to hurt every time you do the kettlebell swing. So in which joints of the body, sits the problem of mobility issues when it comes to kettlebell […]

Every hour is how she does it

Fitbit has released information (1) based on data collected, that physical activity has decreased in this time of lockdown due to the Covid-19. In the next image, you can see how the physical activity has decreased in each country, with data collected ending 22 March 2020. If I read the article of Fitbit, I wonder […]