Chai seeds

I had the privilege of trying Chia seeds for the first time a few days ago in a smoothie at a coffee shop. The texture of the chia seeds resembles that of gel with a crunchy effect when chewed. For me, it’s not off-putting or unpleasant at all, and my husband surprised me with a […]

Avo & Hummus Toast for breakfast

Good morning dear reader! Today I had something different for breakfast. I had my homemade hummus with mashed avocado on top. It’s full of fiber with the brown bread and my own hummus contains lentils which are also packed with good fiber. The avocado is great for magnesium and good fats for your heart health. […]

Rosemary chicken livers

Chicken livers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I believe that when you use the right flavorings, you can enjoy this. This dish is 308 calories when you have a serving of 115g of chicken livers and one slice of Soy & Linseed bread. Ingredients: Rosemary, black pepper, salt & garlic to your taste Chicken […]

Blueberry breakfast delight

Blueberries are full of antioxidants and full of fiber. Eggs are a great protein and the oats lower your cholesterol levels. This recipe is 40g of uncooked oats (so you still need to cook the oats in your microwave/stove. It’s 125g of blueberries and 1 egg scrambled. Calories: 298 calories Carbs: 41.4g Protein: 11.7g Fat: […]

Peanut butter & pumpkin seed oats

30-50g of raw oats cooked 1 teaspoon of peanut butter (16g of fat, 7g of protein) Pumpkin seeds Calories: 350 Pumpkin seeds contains magnesium for blood pressure control, zinc for immune system support, have anti-diabetic effects just to name a few. Also nice and crunchy in your breakfast meal.