Something many of us like. We like the taste of it and we like it over pancakes, in our tea or over our favorite morning cereal. Honey has a lot of health benefits. When we look at raw honey, we know that this honey comes straight from the honey hive and is unprocessed. Nothing has […]

Five servings

In today’s podcast, I will tell you how Covid-19 is related to Zinc, Vitamin D, fruits and vegetables.

What I’ve learned regarding eating

What I’ve learned regarding eating

Since the lockdown, I have learned a great deal about exercise and nutrition. A lot of webinars make it easier to update your knowledge regarding my profession and since the lockdown, I’ve also been concentrating more on my diet overall. I’ve found a way of eating that works for me. Instead of someone who formulate […]

Fiber lowers cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat found in every cell of your body (1). It’s made by your liver and you need cholesterol for your brain, skin and other organs to do their job. But you get a bad cholesterol called LDL cholesterol and this one is usually the one where doctors […]

Sleep and magnesium levels

We all want better zzzzz’s. Sleep that are uninterrupted and deep but some of us, no matter what we try, aren’t getting it. This morning I heard a dietician on the radio, saying that magnesium deficiency can lead to interrupted sleep cycles. I wanted to know more. A big part of my personal training career […]

The problem with plant based diets

I’ve watched an interesting documentary this past weekend with regards to the plant based diets. The other name for this type of eating is Vegan. It’s where you eliminate any meat products and animal products. That means no meat, yogurt, eggs, milk, etc. Your diet consists of carbs, fats, plant based proteins, fruit and veggies. […]