Exercise with Diabetes 2

According to the American College of Sports Medicine and Exercise is Medicine (1), exercise is good for people who have diabetes 2 because it improves the way that your body uses insulin. Exercise helps with controlling your weight and ensures calorie deficiency as well. If you are considering to start exercising with Diabetes 2, there […]

Calf raises demonstration

Calf raises demonstration

Calf raises are important to develop strength in the lower part of your leg as well as definition. Most people either want smaller calves and train this part of their body to lose the fat around this area or people want bigger calves to which they also train this part to achieve this goal. The […]

World Physical Activity Day

World Physical Activity DayWorld Physical Activity Day

This day have been celebrated since 2002 (1), and this year will be the 19th time that World Physical Day is celebrated. This year’s theme is: Every step counts! (2) With this theme, we are encouraged to do a physical activity, for at least 30 minutes every day. This can be any physical activity. The […]

Ankle weights

Ankle weights

You can find ankle weights on many online stores and sport stores themselves. They are very popular and I myself have bought a pair, six years ago. Many people that I have trained, have ankle weights at home and I see many people use them as well. I want to bring you some information regarding […]

Being confined exercise suggestions – Mango Groove style

Being confined exercise suggestions – Mango Groove style

Now that most parts of the world are confined to a small space everyday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, movement is little to none. Not everyone have a big space around their house, to exercise in and getting creative with movement, can be a challenge. Here is some suggestions in how to keep on moving, […]

Mat based Pilates for your rest days

Photo credit: VerywellfitMat based Pilates for your rest days

Pilates is a type of exercise that are great for endurance, flexibility and posture according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1). Another study have shown that Pilates based on therapeutic exercises, shown less pain intensity than those who have trained under controlled conditions which included physicians, other specialists and healthcare professionals (2). […]


Hernias is a very common thing among people and I have seen numerous people with this medical condition, in my line of work. Hernias is caused by weak abdominal muscles which results in the fat or intestines to bulge through a weak spot in the abdominal wall. Other causes of hernias are age, lifting of […]

What exercise should be to you

We all have our reasons for exercising. Some do it for health reasons, others do it for weight loss. Other people exercise to get stronger and then you have people who exercise to get better at their sport. But in my own personal experience and opinion, there is one reason that is overlooked by many […]

How does a healthy lifestyle, eating and exercising, fit into your identity?

My question to you today is: How does a healthy lifestyle, eating and exercising, fit into your identity? In other words, is healthy eating and exercising, part of who you are? Identity is defined as who and what you are. When healthy eating and exercising become part of your identity, action (doing/you take action) follows, […]

Aren’t seeing results in your workout?

If you are frustrated about not seeing results in your workout, then this article will help you. Most people exercise by finding workouts on the internet but after six weeks when the change up need to happen, it can be a daunting matter. With what type of exercises should I change my current ones with? […]