Body fat percentage testing

Body fat percentage testing

Testing your body fat percentage these days is as easy as eating pie. Many devices claim that they can take your body fat percentage accurately for example smartwatches and body scales. While these are great for the general population, those who are in the health and fitness industry might differ in opinion.

After extensive research, I found an article that is an interesting read if you have the time. You can find it here. What the article is saying, is that there are differences in results using the body caliper test with men vs women due to how bodies store fat differently in these two categories of people.

Many sites will agree and disagree that the body caliper is better for testing the body fat percentage and you will find it with body scales and smartwatches as well. Many studies have been done but inconclusive results to date.

The main thing that you and your personal trainer, biokineticist, general practitioner, or health professional should decide on is what platform you will be using to keep track of your body fat percentage. Then stick with that device because tracking with more than one device will leave you and your client/patient very frustrated because the results will differ.

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