Cancellation of your workouts

Cancellation of your workouts

A client mentioned to me last week that she almost canceled her session with me but that she decided against it, because when you cancel one session because you are tired or not feeling like it, then it becomes a second cancellation and then a third. Then before you notice, you stop exercising at all.

Another client of mine had a wonderful progression milestone this past week after 5 years of training with his wife and work we have put in during sessions. He was able to touch his toes. In the beginning, he could not do it unless his knees bend. After 5 years of perseverance by showing up for each exercise session, he can do it. This means that the hamstrings’ flexibility has improved so much that he can now touch his toes without bending his knees. The benefits of this progress in his hamstrings, is that low back pain is no longer there, his posture has improved and that the movement in his hips has improved.

Many times one go through times where it is crazy in your life. It’s late hours of things your kids are doing at school, illness in your home, caring for a parent, ministry services, or even just a long day at work. You do not feel like exercising. That’s where the endurance and perseverance should come from. It takes a long time to change your body but when you persevere, you will see after many months of work, your body has improved, pain has started to subside and your mental states have improved because you feel better in your body.

See your workout sessions as an addition to this and not necessarily to weight loss or muscle building. These are by-factors that come as you continue to exercise and eating healthy.

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