What I’ve learned regarding eating

What I’ve learned regarding eating

Since the lockdown, I have learned a great deal about exercise and nutrition. A lot of webinars make it easier to update your knowledge regarding my profession and since the lockdown, I’ve also been concentrating more on my diet overall.

I’ve found a way of eating that works for me. Instead of someone who formulate a meal plan for me, I have decided to incorporate everything into my diet but according to my daily calorie needs. I use an app where I plan what I am going to eat according to what I have in my house. What I have in my house is mostly healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, protein and then starchy foods as well. I also have foods that I like which I know if I have too much of, will be deter-mental towards my weight and health, but with the calorie needs diet plan I am following, I can have those foods as well.

I’ve watched a lot of dietician videos (2) regarding diet and read a lot of articles as well (1) and all of them recommend that you do not eliminate foods or food groups but rather eat everything but in moderation and that’s precisely what the calorie counting plan have done for me. Yes, it can be tempting to eat something bad for the amount of 500 calories like a piece of fried chicken but then you need to also take the responsibility for yourself and make the right choices when following the calorie counting eating plan.

I am mostly good when it comes to my eating. For most days in my week I will stick with oats, fried egg and peanut butter in my oats for breakfast, 1 slice of whole wheat bread with slice of cheese and fried egg or all bran flakes with milk and pecan nuts (if I can afford it). For snacks I mostly have either provitas with peanut butter, rusk with yogurt or yogurt with fruit. Lunch is pasta with protein and veggies, rice with protein and veggies or soup. Dinner is cooked meals at home. You would notice the rusk which in abundance can be deter-mental to weight loss but you can have it as long as you have it in moderation.

What I like about the counting of calories which are made easier with an app, is that I know how much calories I should consume to lose weight or maintain. I can help you calculate it if you need help, contact me. Thus I know that I should just have that amount of food per day and if I want a cupcake that day, then I know that I should eat less the other meals or just let it slice because 6 out of 7 days I eat healthy.

Another thing is, when you prepare your own meals it cost less than fast food and it is less calorie dense which means your chances is that your meal can be bigger on your plate than the one you can have.

What I have also learned from dieticians is that when you do have a bad day with regards to eating, do not beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow you start fresh and make sure you eat healthy again for the next couple of days. Do not let guilt, make you discontinue your weight loss goals or health eating for whatever reason.


1 – ‘Mayr Method’

2 – EBSDietician

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