Being confined exercise suggestions – Mango Groove style

Being confined exercise suggestions – Mango Groove style

Now that most parts of the world are confined to a small space everyday due to the Covid-19 pandemic, movement is little to none. Not everyone have a big space around their house, to exercise in and getting creative with movement, can be a challenge. Here is some suggestions in how to keep on moving, while being confined to your living space.

Break it up!

Most workout programs are 30 minutes minimum to an hour long. That is the basic guideline for staying active, 30 minutes per day five times a week according to the CDC (1). But in this time where we are confined to a limited space, my suggestion is to rather up it to an hour per day, in smaller chunks. You are either working from home where your only movement is going to the kitchen and bathroom. There’s no more walking from one office to another or taking the stairs. So aim for 60 minutes in chunks of 10 minutes each. That is 6 movement bites. My suggestion: get up from your chair and walk in one spot for 10 minutes. Lift those knees high up for a minute, then walk normal for a minute for 10 intervals. Otherwise, just do any type of activity for 10 minutes that you fancy right there at your desk or in your living room.


“Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance some more!” – That’s the lyrics to Mango Grove’s song here in South Africa. Just throw those hips of yours around in your house. No one is seeing you, just let it go. According to Healthline (2), you burn 6.6 calories minimum per minute. That is 66 calories per 10 minutes and 396 calories per hour’s worth of movement throughout the day. Shake it, people!

Whatsapp or Skype

If you have access to enough data, then you can choose to exercise with someone via one of these platforms, in real time. It will be a great motivator if you know someone is waiting for you at 9am to exercise. Someone is keeping you accountable.

Keep on moving. It’s good for your heart and emotionally.


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