Mat based Pilates for your rest days

Photo credit: VerywellfitMat based Pilates for your rest days

Pilates is a type of exercise that are great for endurance, flexibility and posture according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1). Another study have shown that Pilates based on therapeutic exercises, shown less pain intensity than those who have trained under controlled conditions which included physicians, other specialists and healthcare professionals (2).

Pilates exercise instructors and studios can be found anywhere in your area upon a Google search and if not, YouTube and Instagram along with Facebook platforms present enough sources of this type of exercise.

Mat based Pilates where all the exercises are performed on a mat, is low intensity. You do sweat and you can feel the exercises working your muscles but your heart rate does not increase. When you incorporate activity recovery into your week between workouts, these should include activities which doesn’t increase the heart rate to give your muscles the proper time to recover as well as your CNS (Central Nervous Systems). When you do not recover properly, it lead to burnout which could either end your training for a while, you get sick every time you exercise or you have to downgrade your whole training plan to something less stressful on your body.

Along with walking, swimming and leisurely cycling, Pilates is a great option to incorporate into your training program especially on non-training days. It still challenge the muscles but there’s not stress on your body. You do feel that your muscles have worked after the session but you do not feel tired.


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Photo credit: Verywellfit

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