Meal plan number two

Meal plan number two

Breakfast: 1 slice of brown bread topped with one tablespoon of peanut butter and one teaspoon honey, along with one hard boiled egg.

Snack: 4 Provitas with one carrot

Lunch: 1/2 a cup of pasta topped with 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 50g of ground beef.

Snack: 1 apple with 1/2 hard boiled egg

Dinner: 100g of pumpkin cooked with salt and water, 100g of peas and 80g of ground beef

Firstly, I am not a qualified nutritionist but self taught. This is a meal plan which consists of 1500 calories, which are the minimum that a human being should consume per day in order for organs to function properly and to have enough energy.

This meal plan doesn’t include drinks. If you know you should consume 1600 calories per day, then eat 1500 calories and let your drink be the leftover calories.

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