Aren’t seeing results in your workout?

Aren’t seeing results in your workout?

If you are frustrated about not seeing results in your workout, then this article will help you. Most people exercise by finding workouts on the internet but after six weeks when the change up need to happen, it can be a daunting matter. With what type of exercises should I change my current ones with?

The thing is, changing exercises is about changing the one you currently do, slightly. The reason for this is because you still want to train your bicep, if you have done a bicep curl. But how do I change this bicep curl I have done the last six weeks, to something else which will make sure that I progress? Here’s a few tips.

  • A dumbbell version of your exercise, to something like a kettle bell or gym machine. In other words, instead of a normal dumbbell bicep curl, try doing a bicep curl with a a cable in the gym or at home, do it with a kettle bell or change the position of your hand. Change the grip you hold onto that dumbbell for instance, from an overhand grip, change it to an underhand grip.
  • A standing exercise can challenge you, by changing it to a sitting version of it. Ask any client of mine. They ask to sit down with a particular exercise, I give the permission and they can feel the difficulty instantly if we haven’t reach that point of strength in that particular said muscle.
  • A step up can be more challenging, holding onto a weight in the one hand and then performing the step up. Just always listen to your body. When something aches when you do add weight to an exercise, either make the weight less or change the exercise entirely by keeping in mind the said muscle you want to train.

Yes, it takes time and a lot of research, to change up your workout every six weeks but if you do, you will see progression. It’s worth it on the long haul.

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