When you should not push through pain

When you should not push through pain

The Lord Jesus have been giving me the opportunity to work with people, after injuries or surgeries. Post-op/injury rehabilitation. This kind of movement exercises, are different to those you will normally do when you are trying to build strength or in a normal gym environment. This type of movement exercises, is there to improve mobility and getting the muscles that support the injury or area that the surgery was done on, stronger to support that affected area. There are bound to be some pain at some moments, stiffness and uncomfortable moments during the exercises but there is borderline which you shouldn’t cross when it comes to pain.

Sharp and sudden, like a knife stabbing

When you work with a professional or doing the rehabilitation exercises by yourself, you should take your time and hasty. Concentrate on what the movements feel like at hand and as soon as you feel a sharp, sudden pain during any movement, you stop immediately. If you work with a professional, you tell them there and then. They will guide you in what to do and show you how to do the exercise differently in order to not experience that pain during that movement. If you are doing your homework (the rehabilitation work that the professional gave you to do on your own,) you also stop immediately with that movement.

My advice here is to do the same movement exercise but instead of following through with the exercise, perform the movement again to just before the point you have felt the sharp and sudden pain. Then bring the exercise movement back to the starting point and perform it again for the amount of reps that was prescribed. Tomorrow or the next day, you do the exercise again and sometimes you can bring the exercise movement further. Other times you will be stuck at that same point again during but there will come a day, where you will pass that point where you are/have experience the sharp, sudden pain and then you know that the affected area have healed or become more mobile.

We as humans are impatient but post-op surgery or injury rehabilitation, takes time. Research your condition and see what others say, how long it took them to get to a point of being pain free or mobile again. Your body takes time to heal, give it the time. Give the rehabilitation, time. Work with patience with your professional, do your homework and do not push through pain. Say when it is sore, do not keep quiet. It’s not good to work through pain. God gave us pain, to tell us when to stop.

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